Baiduri Jasamas specializes in food preparations and delivery service as well as buffet meals, catering services, packed food, food delivery, event consultancy and management to our clients.


Food delivery is the daily activities, all meals from Central Kitchen are neatly and hygienic packed in a container specified by clients and allowed by local’s health enforcer. In accordance to transport the meals to the worker’s site, all our vehicles meet the site or in plant regulations ensuring the safety priorities. We provide Packed Food Delivery KL service in order to serve the food in the shortest period and bring more convenient to the clients.

BJSB has vast experienced in Event Management, we offer our clients the full aspect of the event, advisory details on the food request, covering, food consultation to produce a balance nutrition, healthy and save food.

Our detailed menu planning and process ensures that we comply with all the contractual and food service quality requirements.

Above all in accordance and compliance to the enforcer guidelines BJSB ensures delivered utmost productivity, healthy, hygienic, nutritious and delicious food.